Sushruta Cancer Therapy and Research Institute

Our Primary Goal is

“To provide curative treatment to patients suffering from cancer”


To educate poor of the preventive measures to be taken against cancer and the importance of early detection by organizing regular camps in the remote villages there by taking knowledge to their doorstep.
Conducting free cancer detection camps where a thorough examination and relevant investigations are carried out.
To conduct training programs for the Rural Medical Practitioners to enable them to detect and direct suspected cases to the institute.
To maintain a database to facilitate future research.

Linear Accelerator

Sankshema Charitable trust is in the process of acquiring a Linear Accelerator. A linear accelerator also know an LINAC emits energy X-Rays. These machines have completely replaced COBALT units in America, London and other parts of the western world. A LINAC machine administers dosage required to kill cancer cells more accurately. It also allows the doctor to view actual tumor while treating it using a 6MeV photon. This is very useful for deep seated tumor. The damage caused to the surrounding non-cancerous cells i.e. skin sparing is much less in comparison to a COBALT unit. These are the main advantages of a LINAC.

The cost of acquiring a LINAC machine is 6 Crores. This includes peripheral equipment and a bunker to install the machine. The bunker is ready for machine installation. The hospital is in the process of acquiring know-how of sophisticated treatment planning system ECLIPS. With this, the doctors can plan for accurate treatment with more than two beams of energy X-Rays .This system can be connected to CT scan directly to import /export images  and  data.


The Cause

Is access to good quality reliable health care only for the rich. Don’t the poor and needy deserve to be treated of their aliments with the same amount of care that the rich and famous are treated? We at Sushruta Cancer Therapy and Research Institute believe that any patient whether rich or poor deserves equal treatment. We are in the service of treating cancer patients, most of whom are from poor rural background with little or no money.

Sushruta Cancer Therapy and Research Institute named after the famed Indian surgeon “SUSHRUTA” was established in 1992 with a capital cost of 2 crores. The trustees wanted to provide affordable cancer treatment to patients suffering from cancer. In 1995, the hospital commenced its operations with 30 beds. Today it is a 100 bedded hospital and is able to provide treatment to all type of cancers at a nominal cost. The hospital provides free meals to the patient and their attendar for the entire treatment course. Costs involved in treating cancer are prohibitive and many cancer patients do not undergo treatment since they cannot afford such high costs. Apart from treating cancer, the hospital is actively involved in educating and creating awareness about cancer by conducting free cancer detection camps. These camps are conducted 2-3 times every month.

Common Cancers treated at the hospital

70% of the cancer cases are Cancer of the Cervix. This is seen commonly among the rural womenfolk mainly due to early marriages and poor personal hygiene. Most of the patients come for treatment at advanced stages, IIIA or IV B. The prognosis is good and 70% of the patients after receiving treatment have survived for 5 years or more.
The second most common cancer is Carcinoma Breast or Breast Cancer. Surgery is the first modality of treatment. After that the patient has to undergo Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.
The third common cancer is cancer of head and neck seen mostly in men due to chewing of tobacco, gutka pan masala and cigarette smoking.

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